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Linn County offers eight city and state lakes for fishing, varying from 12 to 2,600 acres, providing year-round opportunities for almost any taste. LaCygne Reservoir, the City of Pleasanton (three lakes), Mound City Lake, Prescott City Lake, Parker City Lake, and Blue Mound City Lake are all actively managed by the corresponding city and the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks Fisheries Biologist. All are stocked with channel catfish, and some receive stockings of walleye or wipers each year. LaCygne Reservoir has a great reputation for "lunker" largemouth bass and hard fighting wipers. Mound City Lake, with heavily timbered hillsides, and Pleasanton East Lake are both known for their quiet surroundings, big bass, and channel catfish. Each lake has length and creel regulations to produce maximum benefits for area anglers. Some lakes have so many fish that artificial fish feeders are used to increase fish growth. This ensures that there will be many lunkers for anglers to catch. Some lakes require permits, so contact the appropriate city clerk (See the Contact Us page), or call the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks at (913) 795-2218.

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LaCygne Reservoir Scenic View


Pleasanton West Lake Shelter House

Want to fish something other than a lake? Check out the Marais des Cygnes River and the Linn County Strip Pits.