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Linn County was named after Dr. Lewis Fields Linn, a United States Senator from Missouri.


Dr. Lewis Fields Linn

Linn served from 1833 to the time of his death in 1843.

Born near Louisville, Kentucky in 1775, he went to Missouri in 1809 to visit family members. During his stay, the War of 1812 broke out and Linn was appointed surgeon of the troops commanded by General Dodge.

Following the war, Linn returned to Kentucky to continue his study of medicine. In 1816, Linn returned to Missouri where he worked as a pioneer doctor.

As a United States Senator, he was given credit for passage of several important territorial bills, including the acquisition of the Oregon Territory by the United States. Linn was popularly known as the "Father of Oregon."

So it is that Linn County gained its name from a grand and honorable source, even though it came by way of Missouri.

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