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Located on Kansas Highway 52 West in Mound City, this architectural collection, sponsored by the Mound City Historical Society, features old structures which have been moved to the site or reconstructed there. Hours are 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM daily during the summer, or by appointment.

On the grounds of the park, you'll find...

Clausen Log Cabin

For 45 years, this cabin offered shelter from the storm - or prairie winters. Built at the turn of the century, this persimmon log cabin was the last of it's kind to be inhabited in Linn County.

Number 9 Schoolhouse
You can almost hear the school bell. You'll be tempted to dip braids in the inkwells. This one-room schoolhouse was used from 1868 to 1959.

Mound City Depot
Until 1940, a spur of the Missouri Pacific Railroad passed through Mound City. The depot now houses displays of old-time work stations.

1865 Circus Bandwagon
The "Barker" called children from all corners of the county to the big tops, but rains were heavy that summer. After weeks of drenching rains and soaking livery bills, the circus offered their bandwagon to Mound City. The town accepted and the wagon now celebrates our heritage in regional parades.

1920's Bungalow
It's Grandma's house. A Sunday dress on the bed and a hat on the dresser. Her apron on the pie safe, her kettle on the cookstove, and a "work in progress" on the quilt frame.

Mineral Well
A gazebo now covers a well, drilled in 1914. To everyone's surprise, the pungent odor indicated mineral content, and a health facility. The Maples, (now gone), was built across the street.

Village in the Valley
The warmth of a woodstove - and the resulting gingerbread - welcome guests to our Christmas celebration. The entire historic park is covered with lights, including the windmill. "Village in the Valley" intimately recreates the old-fashioned warmth and spirit of the season.

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